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Janessa brazil candid collection

Ready for a treat? I know how much you guys love checking out exotic hottie Janessa Brazil (at least I know how much *I* love seeing her) so today here’s a collection of candid shots from her own website, from her Spring Break adventures. She rides around on a boat with other hot chicks in bikinis, relaxes on the beach and of course takes some self shots in the bathroom with her cellphone of her ass and those big juicy titties!

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Catie minx denim skirt peek

Ready to take a peek inside the panties of the sexiest geek girl next door on the net? Catie Minx just can’t stop touching herself, whether it be straight up masturbation with her fingers or a toy or, as is the case in this photoshoot, pulling her skimpy little thong panties up between those soft lips to give herself a cameltoe! I don’t know what it is that turns her on about it but man she looks damn good doing it.

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Natasha belle pink heels

I know some guys get all turned on by the thought or sight or smell of ladies shoes but not me…I’m of the belief that women buy shoes mainly to impress other women. That said, Natasha Belle does look absolutely stunning her pink heels, although that might be due to the fact that she’s got her perky titties out and is wearing a pair of sexy pink panties as well.

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Autumn riley squeezing

Sometimes a girl is hot enough that she doesn’t need to be doing anything crazy or wacky to be sexy as hell in her photoshoots…take Autumn Riley, for example! She’s just kneeling on the bed in this photoset from her own site, but with her supermodel face and the fact that the tits she’s squeezing together are basically perfect, she’s giving us more than enough I’d say! That said, it would be pretty cool if she were like riding on the back of a tiger or something while she squeezes those boobs.

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Sexy pattycake irish green

I might be a little late for St Pattys Day but this photoshoot from the lovely blonde Sexy Pattycake is just too hot not to share! She’s all decked out in her festive Irish green, playing on a set with cotton ‘snow’ and tinsel trees as she spreads those legs and has a ball. Pattycake always looks great with her pretty face, huge tits and sexy round ass but it’s even hotter in these photos as she pulls out a dildo and masturbates for us!

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Bryci suede bikini

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a suede bikini before but I guess beautiful brunette Bryci is the perfect girl to wear one! She’s got those huge perfect round tits and lovely legs with an incredible ass, so a bikini fits her to a T. In this photo update she shows off her body, then strips out of the bikini to get a little masturbation session in with her big fat pink vibrator!

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Nikkis playmates pink ribbon

Nikki from Nikkis Playmates is wearing a hot pink corset and is playing with the ribbons attached like she’s just waiting for someone to come tie her up with them! Nikki always looks gorgeous but when she goes the extra step and puts on some sheer thigh high stockings, a sexy black thong and that corset that makes her big breasts look even hotter, it’s a whole other level. Take a look and see for yourself.

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Autumn riley kitchen counter

It looks like someone’s serving up a heaping helping of smokin hot Autumn Riley, and I for one am gonna be first in line with my dish! She looks amazing as she hops up on the kitchen counter and strips out of her pink bra and panties, playing with her shaved pussy as she feels the cool countertop on that pert ass of hers. Autumn always looks stunning and this photoshoot from her own website is definitely a good example!

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Catie minx cowgirl

Saddle up, pardners, because it’s time to give Catie Minx a good cowpokin! At least that’s what she looks like she’s got a fancy for in this update from her own website as she pulls off her tiny little denim shorts and bends over, spreading her perfect ass and showing off her tight pink pussy! The fact that she keeps her purple flannel shirt and cowgirl hat on throughout this photoshoot make it all the hotter if you ask me.

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Ivy snow outdoor spring

There’s just something in the air at the beginning of Spring as everyone starts waking up a little from the long cold winter and gets undeniably horny! Ivy Snow was relaxing at the house but the day was nice enough she decided to head outside and enjoy it, so she went out and stripped out of her tight white dress, getting naked and stretching by the poolside before bringing out a big thick dildo and sucking it before sliding that toy deep into her pussy, riding it as she masturbated in this hot update from her own site!

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Brooke marks kitchen gloves

Some women just can’t help but be sexy! Brooke Marks, for instance, just thought she’d get into a little spring cleaning in her kitchen but ended up looking hot as hell with a wet shirt and soaked panties…she keeps her yellow kitchen gloves on as she strips down nude with soapy water streaming over her gorgeous naked body, making her perky boobs shine and her shaved pussy slick with suds and ready to fuck right there on the clean countertops!

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Natasha belle blue shorts

Brunette stunner Natasha Belle is looking particularly hot today as she shows off a bright red/orange top and some sporty blue shorts that look amazing on her long, perfect legs. Natasha loves wearing all kinds of different colors, as you can see when she pulls off her top to reveal a teal bra and takes off those shorts to show her bright yellow panties! Somehow it all works together though, maybe it’s just due to her absolute hotness and those perky perfect titties of hers as she gets nude.

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Meet madden pasties hearts

I think maybe this set should have gone out around Valentines Day but better late than never, that’s for sure! I love seeing Meet Madden’s sexy titties and I’m sure you do too…in this photoshoot she has a pair of shiny heart pasties on her nipples to hide them from prying eyes and add a little mystery as she poses in her sexy panties. Madden gives her best Blue Steel impression as she shakes her ass and her perky tits for you!

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Gf revenge tiny shorts girls

They call these itty bitty little denim shorts ‘coochie cutters’ but I call them a public safety hazard! Can you imagine how many car accidents there would be if these two amateur hotties walked down the street wearing these miniscule shorts with their asses and pussies hanging out? It would be a disaster! It’s a good thing they’re showing them off in the privacy of their house as the boyfriend of one of the girls films it. He even convinces them both to suck his big thick cock and get fucked on camera in this GF Revenge update!

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Hailey leigh sexy in pink

Nobody looks sexy in pink like Hailey Leigh, if you ask my opinion…she’s got those adorable pierced nipples as well as a pierced pussy, and oh man that ass! She rolls over in this hot update from her own site and lets us look at that vision of beauty that is her booty and it’s like time stops just for her…sexy as hell. We get some nice closeup bodyscapes of Hailey in these photos as she stretches her long leg above her head, spreading that pink pussy wide as the cameras click!

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Ivy and lucy hottub

Gorgeous tattooed babve Ivy Snow and her ginger friend Lucy Ohara are ready for a sexy time in the ol hot tub, and we’re invited along for the ride! Both of these hot redheads are ridiculously sexy on their own but when they pair up and get together for a lesbian scene like this it’s just off the charts. Watch these babes strip down nude and kiss as they get in the water, feeling their hands all over as the bubbles swirl around them!

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Hailey leigh jean shorts

Why is it that men look so terrible in jean shorts and women look so amazing in them? Science is so strange. Anyway, Hailey Leigh is showing off how good her tiny little cutoff shorts look on her amazing body in this hot update from her own website, even pulling them off to give us a look at her stretchy panties and of course her perfect ass and tight pierced pussy! I’d be hard pressed to think of a girl sexier than Hailey, to tell you the truth…there’s just something about those eyes, those perky tits and those pigtails that just gets right in a guy’s pants. Or jean shorts.

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Catie minx denim bikini

I don’t think I’d describe Catie Minx as looking particularly tough but she’s taking some steps in the right direction in this hot update from her own site! She’s got on a denim bikini that looks like it could be worn by a hardcore biker babe, with chains and everything. Catie can’t help but look adorably sexy in it, especially when she pulls the bottoms down and bends over to give us a nice look at that perfect pussy and smooth ass of hers!

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Briana lee online ass tits

Briana has an amazing ass and amazing tits, and wants the world to know! I applaud this mission and I’ll do everything I can to help her out in any way, so if she is in need of a photographer or body oil specialist I hope she puts my name at the top of the list. She’s hanging out in bed in this gallery from her site Briana Lee Online, bending over to spread her ass and squeeze those huge boobs together!

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