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Naked football haze her

The sorority sisters thought the freshman pledges had been getting things a little easier than they should have so they figured it’s time for a game of naked football! These amateur college girl hotties are forced to put on helmets and pads and run around with their cute asses out until they’re ready to drop, which is when they have to eat out each others sweaty pussies like lesbians. These girls are ready willing and able to do anything to get into the sorority and it’s all caught on camera for Haze Her, so cum watch these desperate and horny amateur sluts do their thing!

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Haze her pledgers pussy 18

Watch these pledgers eat pussy as they try to make it into the sorority as full sisters! This update from Haze Her gives you a look into the world of pledge hazing as these college girls are stripped down and humiliated, forced to lick pussy like lesbians and eat cherries out of each others ass cracks, all while being laughed at and insulted and called whores by the upperclass sorority girls. Pretty hot, huh?

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Haze her halloween

I guess Haze Her received this submission awhile ago and has been waiting for the just the right time, and what better time is there for blindfolded sorority hopefuls being scared silly than on Halloween! This update for which the term ‘terrorotica’ makes about as much sense as possible features these hot nude freshman chicks being hazed and humiliated and scared before they’re taken inside and made to fuck each other in a hot scene while the cameras roll.

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Haze her sale

The coffers at the Haze Her sorority house are running a little low so the Seniors came up with a great idea…an auction! They put the freshman sorority hopefuls on display in the nude, fucking each other and eating pussy, and the frat house guys bid on their favorites…the highest bidders received a hot private lesbian show from the winning girls! Everyone’s a winner…except the freshman chicks of course, they don’t get any of the money.

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Haze Her


Haze her suck

Welcome to Haze Her! These pledges are ready to do anything to get into this sorority…in this gallery the senior sisters are having the new girls show off their sucking skills on a dildo and a frat boy’s cock, and the winner gets the privilege of getting fucked by him! Check out these hardcore college hijinx!

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Haze Her


Haze her coed chicks

It’s initiation night for new pledges at this sorority and the coeds are getting the works in this HazeHer gallery! They’ve got to deepthroat sausages, strip down nude, lick each others’ pussies, and….you’ll just have to check it out!

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Fresh Meat


Fresh Meat Haze Her

This is a update from Haze Her called Fresh Meat.  Its not just pledges that are in this gallery but freshman pledges the most gullible of them all!  The sisters convince the Fresh Meat to go in the shower and eat each other out, 4 of the 5 do it one girl drops out no big deal.  Then they bring them back to the room and critique their bodies, and then make them eat out their own pussies!  The sisters make them eat pussy until each sister has had a orgasm what a bunch of bitches!

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